2018, what a year…!

We are already one month into the new year, but I still would like to take some time to speak about 2018 and the wonderful things that have happened during this special year.

First of all, two young men have been treated in the summer thanks to the help of the Foundation and its wonderful donators.
The first one is the first Swiss patient who could benefit from this support, as his request was denied by the health insurance company. The second person was treated just one month later in August. He had Parkinson’s disease and lives in the United States of America.
Thanks to the many donations, during the second board meeting of the year in November, the foundation board was also able to plan to support a further patient suffering from Parkinson. He and his wife have traveled from Portugal in January to be treated in Switzerland. The wonderful bouquet of flowers was their thank-you gift to the Foundation and to all the donators and supporters.

We wish all three of them a good recovery and all the best for their future!

In order to help as many persons as possible, the Foundation does not pay all the expenses for a treatment, but contributes by adding the missing part, after having made an individual estimation for each case. While the supported patients are always welcome to write an official personal or unnamed thank-you note, the Foundation protects their privacy and keeps their identities anonymous.

During the year of 2018, I (Roxanne, the administrator of the Foundation) have also done a professional reorientation. Being interested in the administrative and economic side of running a business, I have had the opportunity to do an internship at an accounting office before taking charge of administration at Polarstern GmbH and Coworking Space Loreto in September. My partner has successfully taken over my former practice for physical therapy and it is now called Therapie 11 Philippe Ogay.

2018 was tumultuous but I have loved it and the outcome is great! As Polarstern GmbH is a communication agency, I have already learned a lot that will also benefit the Foundation. I will continue to work only a few hours a week for the Foundation, as the aim is to keep the administrative costs as low as possible and make sure that the donated money is dedicated as directly and completely as possible to the purpose of this foundation.

So this was the year of 2018 for the Foundation for Cerebral Dysrhythmia. Thank you for the wonderful support and the generous donations! Please feel free to share and to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Wishing you all the best for the remaining 11 months of 2019, with my kindest regards from winterly Solothurn