Photography / Art Challenge

We are deeply grateful to have new followers, supporters and donators from all over the world and we would love to get to know all of you a little better.
We are therefore launching a PHOTOGRAPHY / ART CHALLENGE:
Send us your most beautiful photo or piece of art of your country or a picture related to the medical sector to or as a Facebook message.
On Monday the 4. April 2016, we will pick one by chance and this picture will be displayed for 2 weeks as the background photo of our Facebook and Twitter account. This is a chance to be seen officially by hundreds of persons from all around the world and to share your art.
The artist / photographer will be stated, so if you are an ambitious amateur or a professional, don’t forget to mention your blog / website and your contact informations, so that your fans will be able to contact you (only if you would like them to be officially published together with your piece of art.)
And don’t hesitate to spread the word. Have a beautiful day!

– It has to be your own art work / photography. We will state who the artist is. Please mention in the mail which informations you would like us to publish officially.
– Sending us your picture, you give us the right to use it as a background picture for 2 weeks. Afterwards we will not use it for any other purpose without asking your permission.
– Your personal informations and the pictures will be kept strictly confidential and not used for any other purpose.