Thank you Sven and Adelle!!!

The Foundation has received an incredible present from Sven and Adelle!

Sven was only 36 years old when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. After 10 years of battling against it with the support of his wife and his little boy, the disease progressed and he got to the point where a treatment with focused ultrasound was absolutely necessary. As the insurance company refused to cover the medical expenses, this incredibly strong and loving couple decided to raise the money by themselves. They sold private things online, started a fund-raiser at GoFundMe and decided to go public and to post a video on YouTube to raise the awareness and to collect the much needed funds.

I guess it can be said that they completed a miracle, because they managed to raise the full amount for the treatment in just 11 days!!! To learn more about their story, please visit:

As they now want to help another family to get the medical treatment they need, they decided to continue the fundraising and to donate the proceeds to the Foundation for Cerebral Dysrhythmia. We are deeply grateful for this amazing present!!! It needs a lot of strength and courage to go public and the fact that they decided to do it on behalf of other patients and their families is an incredibly brave gesture!

Dear Sven and Adelle, we would like to express our deepest gratitude and our best wishes for your future!